Law Firm Malpractice Insurance

Claims against law firms have steadily risen in each of the past two decades, with high belief that the trend will continue. If you do not have law firm professional liability insurance, now is the time to reconsider; it could cost you before you know it. The threat of a malpractice claim is a healthy fear to have, especially for new lawyers, but the threat is just as real for seasoned professionals.

Despite its importance, many firms—unfortunately—do not understand how legal malpractice insurance works. Many lawyers rightfully understand that they need some protection, but it’s usually not until something happens that these same lawyers start to think and wonder about the full extent of their current insurance. Regardless of a large number of unwarranted malpractice claims against lawyers that end up being dismissed, just being labeled as negligent by your client can be incredibly time consuming, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses such as possible defense costs. After a firm receives their license to practice law, it is vital that they seek out coverage for professional liability as soon as possible.

For all these reasons, firms benefit when they have a greater understanding of what their law firm liability insurance actually entails. ProfessionalLiability.Pro is here to help you find the right insurance policy for your law firm. We collaborate with a large number of insurance companies that provide legal malpractice insurance to find our insureds the best coverage and price available for their situation. With experienced advisors as your guide, you will find that not all law firm professional liability insurance policies are the same—and you will be able to choose accordingly. We work with you, so you can make the best decision for your firm.

ProfessionalLiability.Pro works with a multitude of insurance companies that provide architect professional liability insurance. We take care of our insureds and make sure they find the best combination of coverage and price. We make sure you fully understand all of your options and will always be open to any questions you might have along the way.

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