Engineering Errors and Omissions Insurance

There are many insurance risks associated with every engineering project. Although many engineering firms will ensure that they have coverage for builder’s risk, project owners fail to consider professional liability insurance for engineers.

Engineering errors and omissions insurance protects engineers from substantial risks associated with any project, no matter the size. It’s not uncommon for owners to mistakenly assume that their general liability insurance covers their company. Not obtaining the suitable liability insurance for a project could ultimately cost that engineering firm a substantial amount of money in the event that a client files a lawsuit. In general, professional liability insurance for engineers provides coverage for settlement payments and defense costs due to errors or omissions in design or consulting during the project, whether real or perceived.

Engineers usually face unique challenges, which lead to more distinct challenges that they need to overcome. The damage that could sprout from even the smallest mistake could be disastrous to your engineering firm. Such mistakes include design errors, sky-high expectations, and even negligence. Engineers are exposed to more risk than most professionals, so it is important that you and your employees are covered. You should always be aware of how far your coverage goes and how it works in specific situations. The last thing you need is to come across a situation where your firm is not covered.

ProfessionalLiability.Pro collaborates with a wide range of insurance companies that specialize in engineering errors and omissions insurance so that we can help you protect your company from any claims that arise. ProfessionalLiability.Pro will help answer any questions you have on all of the coverage options presented, including risk management services provided by the various insurance carriers. Our goal is to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing, what is and isn’t covered, and the additional services the insurance company will be able to provide. You will never feel any unwanted sales pressure from us, only insight and a helping hand.

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