Architect Errors and Omissions Insurance

Architect professional liability insurance is equally important for both new or experienced firms/architects, no matter the size, experience, etc. Architect errors and omissions insurance will give your firm protection against claims alleging architectural negligence, omissions, and errors. The decision to purchase professional liability insurance is a defining moment for most architects as it often signals that they were awarded with a project of significant scale or budget. No matter the case, liability insurance is always something to look into.

The reason why many inexperienced firms don’t seek out architect professional liability insurance is because they think that small projects are low risk or believe their assets are so limited that they don’t stand much to lose. A key benefit of architect errors and omissions insurance is coverage for legal costs. This will help you fend off any claim that might arise. Professional liability claims against architects are more likely to come from a failure to manage expectations rather than a significant construction failure, especially when the client has little to no experience with other construction projects.

It’s not uncommon for young architects to be caught off guard when they learn that they could potentially be held liable for the negligence of others. There are also instances where claims could be based on planning studies and wouldn’t require that the architect be the architect of record for that specific project, causing an overall headache for everyone.

ProfessionalLiability.Pro works with a multitude of insurance companies that provide architect professional liability insurance. We take care of our insureds and make sure they find the best combination of coverage and price. We make sure you fully understand all of your options and will always be open to any questions you might have along the way.

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